Keri’s Place in the woods

Keri’s Commitment Service to scatter ashes was held on Sunday, November 23, 2008. This was a private gathering of Keri’s extended family. After a week of VERY COLD weather, it was a beautiful day! This is Keri’s Place in the woods.


The place is at the home where Keri grew up. She had a place in the woods; her favorite place to be; to take her friends, to “run away from home” or to fine solitude. She asked us to scatter her ashes there. Thank you for watching.


4 Responses to “Special Service at Keri’s Place”

  1. Julien & Noelle This is a beautiful slideshow Joanie. Noelle and I are so sorry we couldn’t make it that day… But since we missed it, we’d love to leave flowers at the site if it’s ok with you.
  2. Belinda Derry Joanie and Harold, everything looks so beautiful….I can see why Keri loved it there. It is wonderful that Kellyn will be able to spend time there too. You all did an amazing job. Love Belinda
  3. jennifer boyd Joanie and Harold,
    that place is so beautiful… i cant believe she is gone i just cry for you guys watching that video and my heart goes out to you both…You did a marvelous job i cant wait to see you both. rip keri love you jenny benny
  4. Jennifer Moretz That was BEAUTIFUL! I do not know you guys perssonally, but I have been following Keri’s story when it was in the Winston Salem Journal and everything that has happened since. I have a 2 1/2 year old and this breaks my heart, I could not imagine, I cried when I watch the slideshow. I know Keri is with her precious little girl each day and watches over her. Keri was beautiful and I know she was a wonderful mom you can tell that by all the heart touching pictures. God Bless you all.

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