KERI B. STILL NIGHT – Slideshow & Thanks

THANK YOU to everyone who supported this event to honor Keri; we profited approx. $1600 for the Conference!!

We had a great time, with some wonderful people; Door prizes, grand prizes, one birthday and 2 anniversaries! The food at Zevely House was outstanding, and the music was also; provided by our own Jennifer Lassiter (violin) and Ciani Smith (Flute).  Photos coming.  

OUR SPECIAL THANKS to Larry & Sharon Wall for much support in hosting this event; Margaret & the staff of Zevely House, and Lisa & Chip Smithdeal for their fabulous desserts, and to John & Sophia Fragakis for the wonderful wine!

See a Slideshow!

This turned out to be our last Zevely House night, as ZH was sold, redecorated, and opened as another business shortly after. WE WILL MISS this great ngiht with very good friends!

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