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Most important, you need to do your own research.  ALS, like cancer, MS, MD, etc, can have many faces.  Don’t be afraid to try something new or unpopular, but do your research first.  That said, I provide links here to provoke you to learn more in many directions.   Joan Brown, President – Keri’s Crusade

TRIALS currently conducted by NEALS 

ALS and Spirulina Research 12/2010    Mutation linked to Protein .. 12/2010

 Clinical Trial – updated 12/2010 ♦  Model Care for Veterans with ALS 

 Young Faces of ALS (ALS/TDI)   

Brain Trauma can Mimic ALS  ♦  Phase 1 – NP001 Study

Wrong Diagnosis and ALS    

ALS Registry Update 12/2010  ♦  ALS Advocacy

Stem cell trial in U.S. for ALS – updated 6/10

Hair Analysis: ADVANCED FAMILY HEALTH – Click HERE for the ALS page Dr. K. Akin is compiling information on the consistencies in ALS cases!

 FLU SHOT?  ♦  Dr. Mercola on VACCINES

♦ Young Victim of ALS  ♦  See this but search more on LYME & ALS misdiagnosis

STEM CELL Discussion   ♦  Gulf War Veterans and ALS

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  1. Dominik says:

    _Keri B. Still Blog Archive ALS NEWS – Some Links of Interest_ ended up being really engaging and
    insightful! Within todays world honestly, that is tough to deliver.
    Many thanks, Wilbur

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