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  1. Jennifer C. Hartsell says:


    It was a pleasure to meet you & Harold this morning @ the ALS walk in Charlotte. I look forward to when the new website is up & running.

  2. Belinda Derry says:

    I really like the layout of the new page. I look forward to reading more in the future. Love Belinda

  3. Beautiful work Joanie! What an amazing tribute to your beautiful girl! I can’t wait to help in the future.

    Love, Mandy

  4. Heather Johnson says:

    Joanie, The website is really nice! A wonderful tribute to Keri! Look forward to future additons. I’m really sorry to have to miss the walk June 14th, my thoughts and prayers with all the participants walking to honor Keri! Praise God for your good news on recent scans! In God’s Love, Heather Johnson

  5. Jennifer Curtis says:

    Joanie & Jen,

    WOW! The website looks GREAT! You both have worked so very hard and it has paid off! Can’t wait to see you on Saturday at the Walk! I

    Love You All!!
    Jenn Curtis

  6. Jennifer C. Hartsell says:

    The website looks amazing! You certainly would have made her proud! Congrats!

  7. Angela Barton says:

    Joanie, Harold, Copeland & Kellyn,

    I want to say how touched my husband and I were at the walk in Greensboro. This was our first walk for any sort of fundraising group, and I was truly amazed at the turnout our group gave. Being the biggest group and raising the most money is absolutely amazing!! I know Keri is proud of all the work we and you have done in honor of her and in supporting the continued efforts of finding a cure for ALS. Keri was and is a wonderful and amazing person. I didn’t get the chance to know her long, but I did get the opportunity to be apart of her life at ASU. Keri was our “pledge mom” in SAI, and being an impressionable freshmen at ASU, getting to know Keri was like having an older sister who was looking out for me. She was compassionate, loving, understanding, and such an amazing woman. Nothing slowed her down, and nothing got in her way of her goals and accomplishments in life. I can not imagine what it is like for you and your family but I do know that Keri’s walk in life was everything and then some to those she knew and touched. I will think about her and you all on Sunday, and send my prayers and thoughts for Keri. Keri is not only Kellyn’s guardian angel she is also watching over you all. She is smiling down from Heaven and showing and giving you all the strength you need each day to continue on. My prayers are with you on Sunday.

    Angela, Chris, Olivia & Nicholas Barton

  8. Tammy Armstrong says:

    Hello to all! I just wanted to check on you guys! I took care of Keri at Baptist Hospital for a few days! She touched my heart so much! and seeing her child was a blessing!! You guys are still in my prayers!! please tell everyone I said hello.
    To keri’s mom, hope you are doing better~ You are an inspiration to all mothers! seeing how you took care of keri and helping her every need! that touched my heart so much!!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Joanie- The slideshows are beautiful. I hope that everyone will pass the site on to all of their friends so they can see the gorgeous compilations. Great job putting those together. Love, Jenn

  10. Audrey Cook says:

    i think the website is really pretty. i love the slide show of keri she looked great in all of the pictures.

    -Love Audrey πŸ™‚

  11. Blake Shaver says:

    To Keri’s Family,

    I want you to know how much Keri helped me. I met Keri when she was at Allegacy FCU. We would see each other at credit union meetings and events. I am in sales and Keri was always receptive to our products but it was never the right time to bring us into Allegacy. For years we just chatted at these events and kept in touch. The right opportunity eventually came up and Keri brought me into the credit union and we ultimately signed a long term agreement with Allegacy. This agreement is still in place and Allegacy is one of my best customers and I work with tremendous people there. If not for Keri’s spirit, will and determination as my champion at Allegacy I would not enjoy the relationship there that I do now.

    Keri left Allegacy shortly after we signed the deal but we still kept in touch through email. We all miss her dearly and I think this website is a fantastic way to keep her amazing spirit alive.

    I have a very close family friend who has now been diagnosed with ALS. I have offered Keri’s inspirational story to him as a way of understanding and getting through the difficult times. For whatever reason this disease seems to impact the best people. We should all continue to walk until their is a cure. God Bless!


  12. anj says:

    Awesome pics !! πŸ™‚
    Great job

  13. Christa Jones says:

    Hi Mrs. Brown,
    My name is Christa Jones and I met and talked with you during our vacation at Myrtle Beach. I have shared Keri’s story with many. The website is absolutely wonderful. I am sure you daughter was as beautiful person on the inside as she was on the outside. The photos are gorgeous and can’t help but to bring tears to one’s eyes. Thanks for sharing Keri’s story with me. It has given me the opportuniy to share some extremely important information with many people and I pray that someday soon, a cure will be found. God Bless you and your family.

  14. Jenny says:

    (Moved to GUESTBOOK by Admin, to save:)

    If I had a bike (and knew how to ride) I would be riding. We still may come join the festivities Saturday after the ride at Wild Wings. The shirts look really good.
    I can’t wait for the conference. I was so suprised to learn from you that ALS patients should not have oxygen, especially in the early stages of treatment ~ I am sure there is much more we should all be educated on regarding this terrible disease called ALS.

    See you soon,
    Jenny & Dave

  15. Denise Reid says:

    Awesome Pics!!!!!

    First of all I would like to say God Bless you all!!
    Can’t help but put tears to my eyes. Because 3yrs. ago I loss my best friend to this “terrible” disease called “ALS”. Please hold your head up high. Because god dosen’t make no “mistake”. Thank you!

  16. Jennifer C. Hartsell says:


    Thanks for the email updates about the conference and other fundraisers. I’m happy to hear things went well and you had a good turnout! Congrats on a job well done! You’ve done so much to be proud of! πŸ™‚

  17. Robin says:

    The conference was wonderful! I am an RN and a CALS. I was familiar with lots of the medical issues. It was comforting, though, to get to lay my hands on some of the equipment that we will eventually be using. The eye gaze computer for communication was awesome. I came away with a great sense of HOPE!!!!!! We may not YET be able to defeat this monster disease but we may LIVE fully with as much comfort as possible.
    Thank you, also, for sharing the person who was Keri. Sometimes we medical people get all caught up in the disease process and forget that there is a PERSON!!!!
    I posted info about this conference of the “Patients Like Me” forum. I did not get to meet any folks from PLM at the conference but I have high hopes for next year. I will be there. I would strongly encourage others to join us!

  18. Jenny says:

    My Dearest Joanie,
    The slide show was so moving to watch. Such a beautiful place to be dedicated to Keri’s beautiful soul. I especially loved the picture of Kellyn with the flower for Mommy, and Grandpa chasing Kellyn across Keri’s bridge. I’m sure Mommy was running and giggling with her too!

    You all did such an amazing job – it looks like something out of Better Homes and Garden. Keri showered her love on it yesterday, and every time it rains.

    We miss you!
    β™₯ Jenny & Dave

  19. Hal and Joan,
    This was such a fantastic tribute to Keri. The slide show was so moving and Carolyn and I truly appreciate the opportunity to have seen this. Keri would have been so proud of you doing this for her.

  20. Richard and Elaine Poindextr says:

    Joanie and Harold,

    What a wonderful tribute to Keri this amazing slideshow and music presentation. Thanks for the opportunity to share with you such a beautiful place that she loved so much since a child. Your work on the ALS conference and all that you did to make this spot a reality, a place of memory for Keri and all those that loved her so very much is truly an amazing gift of love!

  21. Sandy Thomerson says:

    I wanted everyone to know how Keri has helped influence me into a deeper relationship with GOD. Keri would be very proud of me because I am getting baptized in January because I have been saved. Several factors have influenced this including Keri. Watching her go through all the struggles she experienced in her last year, a time when she could have easily given up on GOD and her faith, but seeing her sustain her faith and love for GOD made me open my eyes. The fact that she could remain positive inspite of everything, amazed me. She was an extraordinary person and I will love and miss her forever.

  22. Lynette says:

    Hello, Keris place is a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing this site with me! You will be in my prayers I know this will be a hard Christmas for you. I am the one that called from BB&T. May God bless you!

  23. Connie n Rick Merritt says:

    Dear Harold and Joanie,

    We both want to say how honored we were to have known Keri. At the time of her service last year we were unable to attend and were saddened deeply by your loss. The loss to this world of such a wonderful person and sister in Christ. Knowing that the anniversary of her passing is approaching, we pray that her legacy continues strong. It has taken this long to put something into words as this email has been attempted by Connie on more than one occassion. Keri was such a wonderful person and from the first day we all went down the river together to the last time I saw her at Speaking of Women’s Health, it was like we were just continuing a conversation from one meeting to the next. Blessings to you and your family and know that we carry your daughter in our hearts always.

    With much love,
    Connie and Rick Merritt

  24. Caroline says:

    Your story has inspired me. I have been looking at everything for the past 2 hours. It makes me want to be a part of the Help Keri organization. And I’m barely a tween!

  25. Pat Harris says:

    Joanie and Harold,
    I admire you for the tremendous work that you are doing in memory of Keri. She is looking down on you and smiling. She is not in pain now and she runs and plays with all the children in heaven. You will see her one day as I will see Mark and what a wonderful and happy time that will be.
    I am going to try my best to attend the meeting in Kernersville on the 15th.
    God bless you,
    Pat Harris

  26. Stacey Korson says:

    I wanted to let you know that your family has been in my prayers everyday, but especially today. Keri taught me so many lessons in the way she fought. She has truly changed my life.

    For those of us who knew Keri, but were seperated by distance I want to thank you for this website- Keri’s place is beautiful and Kellyn is looking so much like her mom.

    With all the people she touched, and your dedication to the ALS fight, Keri will never be forgotten.

    May God Bless You,

  27. Jennifer Hartsell says:


    Is there a Team Keri for the Charlotte walk this weekend? I haven’t gotten any emails like I did last year. I’d like to join if it’s not too late.

    Jenn Hartsell

  28. Hello! Just found Keri’s site after remembering a message on Facebook from a friend. I went to Appalachian at the same time Keri was there – I was a music therapy major and I remember seeing her face around campus. She was such a beautiful girl that I immediately recognized her on the website. Just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and praying for you and remembering Keri tonight! Love from Montana – Brooke Wagner

  29. Dear Joanie,
    Thanks so much for sharing and bringing so many together. What a beautiful website! Keri’s life is such an ongoing gift to so many. We know her beautiful smile is beaming in heaven as she watches her Mom help and encourage others. Hebrews 12:1-2

    Bodie Thoene

  30. Patty Spera Truxillo says:

    Keri was one of my SAI sisters and my next door neighbor when we lived in Kel-Pat. I think of Keri very often, and these slide shows have moved me to tears. Thank you for sharing with us. It is so amazing to see her daughter grow to look just like her mommy! Thank you.

  31. Hi Joanie,

    Our stories are alike in that we continue to live with broken hearts. I lost my son when he was 25 and on his honeymoon. I went from one of my life’s happiest moments to my worst moment and haven’t returned yet. I share your sorrow and wish there was something I could do or say to heal our broken hearts. Kerri was a beautiful person and her spirt continues to live in you and those her life touched. The web site is such a beautiful tribute to her time here on earth. May God bless you and hold you close.

    A new friend, Charlotte Williams

  32. Marty Murray says:

    To Joanie and anyone else who cares,

    I totally agree that doctors need to do more to understand what is going on with a person who has developed als. When I work with someone, I end up finding all about everything that is going on in the person’s life.

    One guy was drinking lots of Mountain Dew when he developed als. Another guy was drinking Mountain Dew when he developed als. Another guy was drinking Mountain Dew when he developed als. Wait a minute.

    That is what I do, look at people’s lives with them, and figure out how to solve the problems they are experiencing.

    So I am contacting you to tell you that als is solvable, as maybe you have already realized, and I know how to do it.

    Please feel free to ask for any further information you may want or to attempt to totally put me in my place, as many do. The good news is that what I do is real and the more people deal with me the more they find out just how real.

    Have a good one.



  33. Nicole Bouch says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family through the holidays. Our family is losing my brother Michael, 32 slowly each day to ALS. May God Bless you and all of the work that you do.
    With Love,

  34. Phillip Hutchins says:

    Kerry and I would like to thank you for putting together the conference today. We are probably more familiar with ALS than anyone deserves to be and still found it to be informative. Let us know if we can help with future conferences.

  35. Carrie Denny says:


    It was so nice to meet you in person this morning. I have to say that I had heard of ALS but was unaware of what characteristics that came along with it. Your web-site is very informative. I have to tell you when I saw the pic of you and Keri together that said “best-friends” it made me cry. I lost my Mom (my best-friend) to cancer in 2006. It looks like the two of you had a very similar relationship. I also liked the link about stem-cell research and umbilical cord blood storage. I had my daughter’s cord blood collected and stored when she was born. I know that it is controversial if it can even be beneficial, but I did not want to miss the opportunity.

    Again- It was great to meet you. I look forward to seeing you soon.

  36. Jennifer Curtis says:

    Thinking of everyone today! Keri would be so honored by all the hard work you, Jen and Many others have done to help find a cure. And, Help others suffering with this awful disease! God bless you all and Hug Kellyn for us! We love you all.

    Jennifer Curtis and Family!

  37. Marty Murray says:

    Als can be seen as the product of a cycle of reactions that creates stress and degeneration.

    So to get a different result and heal, one needs to choose different reactions to create a different cycle.

    The different reactions could be generally called healing approaches. Healing approaches are ways of living that truly heal a situation.

    By using healing approaches in all areas of ones life, one can solve als.

    More information on healing approaches can be found on the Healing Approaches page of the website

  38. MT says:

    Awwww…. with such a sweet little baby, I can’t imagine not choosing a tracheostomy and mechanical ventilation.

  39. Joanie says:

    Keri’s situation was not typical. If I (her mom) had read a story about someone I didn’t know, I would tend to feel the same. But Keri was a petite person. She had lost weight and could not take in nutrition even with a feeding tube, without reflux. There was no position that was not painful; she could not sit in a wheelchair, even one that reclines, like people you see on a vent. Not being ventilated was her choice. There was no one that felt the anguish of not holding her child more than Keri. Thank you for writing.

  40. Megan Smoot says:

    Hi Joanie, i was just missing Keri today and wanted to drop by the site for some good memories and see her photos. Hope you all are well…much love to you and your family!

  41. Tracy Brown says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the story of Keri. What a beautiful woman she was and will continue to be through her daughter! ALS is a horrible disease and I pray that through this and many other websites, a cure will be found by what we share!

    God bless you and keep writing! BTW, looking for “Part 2”!

    Hugs and love from Texas!

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